My Upgrade

General terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to MY UPGRADE service.

When accessing to MY UPGRADE passengers are bound to the general terms and conditions herein defined and which constitute this service regulation. At any time and without previous notice Azores Airlines can change those terms and conditions.

Any new rules and/or changes to the ones in force will became binding at the moment that are available in the Internet.

The general terms and conditions to MY UPGRADE service are also published in English, nevertheless, for interpretation purposes only the Portuguese version is binding.

The acceptance of MY UPGRADE service terms and conditions shall be read in conjunction with the general transportation conditions.


My UPGRADE is a service that allows passengers to travel in a class superior to the one of the original ticket. Passenger must have a confirmed ticket in economy class for regular flights operated by Azores Airlines and with availability in executive class.

My UPGRADE service to executive class will be available to all passengers except in the following cases:

  • Reservation booked but tickets are not issued
  • Tickets issued with group fare
  • Award tickets bought with miles
  • Tickets issued with Industrial discount (ID) or Agent Discount (AD) fares
  • Passengers who travel with tickets under code share agreements
  • Passengers with special cases:
    • Passengers with pet in Cabine;
    • Passengers with guide and assistance dog;
    • Stretcher passenger;
    • Passengers on an incubator;
    • Passengers on a wheelchair;
    • Medical Case;
    • Passengers with oxygen needs;
    • Unaccompanied minor;
    • Passengers with temporary or permanent disability;
    • Passengers with meet and assist service;
    • Passengers inadmissible and deported;
    • Passenger In custody or accompanied;
    • Passengers who have an extra seat;
    • Passengers with large dimensions, fragile or value articles requiring an extra seat;
    • Passengers with bassinet or baby basket;
    • Children;


- MY UPGRADE is available by invitation via electronic mail and according to the rules mentioned above

- If the ticket wasn’t issued through Azores Airlines sales channels, passengers may be contacted by Azores Airlines via electronic mail in order to access this service

Application Period

Available in the period between the 96 hours before the flight departure and until 12 hours (Azores local time) of the day before the flight

Flights and routes restrictions

Valid only for Azores Airlines flights in fleet A310, A320, A321 and A330. The seats’ availability is limited. This service may not be available for all flights and routes operated by Azores Airlines even in flights with seats available.

Offer and payment

Each passenger must be at least 18 years old and can only present one individual offer for each segment of his ticket

Offer bases:

  • 60EUR to domestic flights
  • 100EUR flights to/from Europe
  • 150EUR for flights between Azores and Cabo Verde (Praia)
  • 180EUR flights from Azores to North America / 200USD or 260CAD departures flights from North America to Azores
  • 220EUR flights from Lisbon/Porto to North America / 240USD or 320CAD departures flights from North America to Lisbon/Porto
  • 220EUR flights from Cape Verde (Praia) to North America / 240USD or 320CAD departures flights from North America to Cape Verde (Praia)

After the offer, the passenger will be informed that the offer waits confirmation. After Azores Airlines confirms the offer, the credit card guarantee will be processed according to the offer amount.

Offers must always be paid by credit card. Any extra taxes charged by the bank institution are not Azores Airlines responsibility.

Regardless the fact of availability seats in executive class, Azores Airlines reserves the exclusive right to accept or not the offers passengers presented.

If Azores Airlines decides to refuse the passenger’s offer:

- The previously guarantee authorized in the credit card which passenger used will be released

- There will be no class upgrade and passenger maintains its original ticket

If Azores Airlines decides to accept the passenger offer

- Passenger will receive a notification informing that the offer made for that flight segment was accepted and the upgrade was granted

- Azores Airlines will charge the guarantee previously authorized in the credit card used by the passenger, according to the offer’s amount.

- Passenger will receive his updated flight itinerary via electronic mail

- SATA Imagine award miles will be given according to the original fare ticket

Ticket Changes

The original fare ticket conditions will apply.

Changes to issued tickets are made in the original travel class (economy class) applying the passenger ticket fare conditions.

MY UPGRADE service will not be guaranteed nor reimbursed after an eventual voluntary ticket change. Passenger can ask again for an upgrade as long as there is availability in the claimed flight.


After Azores Airlines accepts the offer and the credit card guarantee is charged, passenger will not be entitled to any reimbursements, credits or exchanges, except in the following cases:

  • In case it’s Azores Airlines responsibility that the flight for which the upgrade was made is cancelled and passenger is placed in another flight in economy class
  • In case it’s Azores Airlines responsibility that the passenger cannot seat in executive class
  • In case Azores Airlines approves the reimbursement, the amount reimbursed will be the corresponding to the offer presented and amount charged in the passenger’s credit card
  • After Azores Airlines accepts the offer there will be no reimbursement for situations caused by passenger’s actions, including voluntary changes to the ticket or flight cancellation
  • The reimbursements herein won’t apply to the stated in CE regulation 261/2004 of 11th February 2004 article 10.2 (in regards to the air carrier placing a passenger in an inferior class than the one that for which the ticket was purchased)

Any interpretation doubts, missing information or situations which are not covered in this regulation will be duly analyzed and decided by Azores Airlines.